Anna Kendrick Featured In Star Wars Battlefront Ad

Anna Kendrick Featured In Star Wars Battlefront Ad

Star Wars fans all over the world must be on the edge of their seats waiting for the new Electronic Arts game Star Wars Battlefront, which is set to release on November 17. In the newest promo for the game, the ad features the diversity of the Star Wars fanbase — including office workers, high school students, a rock band and even Anna Kendrick — as they instantly vanish and are transported into the captivating world of Star Wars. The ad is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality, no doubt invoking a sense of nostalgia in those who long for more Star Wars action in their lives.

Ryan Hartsfield, who is the associative creative director and copywriter at Heat, the agency that created the ad, stated the following: “We wanted to send a message to fans that they’re going to get to do what they always wanted to do—disappear into a world they love and fight these incredible battles they’ve only imagined. We knew this had to work globally, so we started thinking about a spot that feels almost like a World Cup announcement. Because Star Wars, like football, is one of those rare fandoms that literally transcends age, culture, religion, sex, race, borders, everything. It’s like a secret club, except there are 300 million members.”

Kendrick is seen carrying a knife like a lightsaber; she vanishes from her kitchen while preparing a snack and is transported into the fast-faced Star Wars world. She even states Ben Kenobi’s famous words: “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

About the decision to cast Kendrick, Hartsfield stated the following: “We wanted a celebrity fan to deliver the Obi-Wan quote and be the big transition to gameplay. Anna is a legitimate superfan who also happens to resonate with a younger audience. We also like the spin of a woman delivering that famous quote. It speaks to the diversity of the fan base. Star Wars is for everyone. She was perfect.”

The promo perfectly captures the fast-paced action and suspense that most fans love about the Star Wars franchise. If this ad is an accurate representation of the game itself, we have no doubt that it will a huge hit with superfans of all ages. Check out the ad below:



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