How Pepsi Just Showed B-to-B Marketing Can Still Be Fun

How Pepsi Just Showed B-to-B Marketing Can Still Be Fun

Sometimes B-to-B marketers can get a little envious of our friends¬†who work directly with consumers, for obvious reasons. Direct to consumer marketing is often more in the public eye and is much easier to brag about to friends and family. But Pepsi, in an awesome YouTube video, just showed us that it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Pepsi has a new soda machine called Spire. It allows customers to add different flavors to Pepsi products as they dispense. But more importantly it has a beautiful, large, touchscreen display that acts as both interface and entertainment. To showcase this, Pepsi set up hidden cameras at the Arby’s in Times Square. They then had SNL comedian Jay Pharoah connected via camera from a studio to the Spire’s display. From there Pharaoh proceeded do what he does best, mess with customers as they filled up their cups.


Jay Pharaoh doing what he does best: messing with people. This time through the huge Pepsi Spire Display

Pharoah used wigs and props to have fun with the customers in real time, all while catching their hilarious reactions on video. Posted a couple of days to YouTube, the video is quickly approaching a million views and has been written about by AdWeek. This is a really fun prank and highlights the features of the machine in a fun way.

But what’s more interesting is Pepsi’s objective here. Regular Pepsi customers aren’t going to see the video and decide to purchase an entire Spire machine (or if they do I hope they contact me to hangout with them immediately and take a trip on their private jet). Pepsi is marketing these machines to businesses, yet still created this fun spot that’s out there for everyone to see. This will no doubt be helpful in Pepsi’s pitches to businesses, but their idea to involve the actual customers serves as a reminder that B-to-B marketing can be fun, public, and a lot of fun to watch. Having a famous comedian involved also helps.