KFC Made Chicken Flavored Nail Polish!?

KFC Made Chicken Flavored Nail Polish!?

Earlier this month, KFC announced that it had created two edible nail polishes that taste like fried chicken in its most popular flavors, Original and Hot & Spicy.

With this new marketing campaign, KFC is literally putting it’s slogan, “Finger Lickin’ Good” into our hands⏤well, into the hands of anyone in Hong Kong.

These nail polishes will be available only in Hong Kong, but depending on how well the campaign does, the company may mass produce the nail polishes at a later date.

“This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong,” said a representative.

According to AdWeek, food technologists at McCormick & Company, the spice and herb manufacturers responsible for KFC’s secret mix of spices, teamed up with the marketing brains over at Oglivy & Mather to create the nail polishes, which are preservative-free and sourced from natural ingredients.

The colors, coming in bright orange-red and beige, are actually on trend and, dare I say, pretty. Though the shelf life for these nail polishes is short, the sleek designer bottles are fairly small. You can almost finish an entire bottle after painting all ten fingers.

Creative director, John Koay wanted to create a fun, impressionable product that attracted young people to the brand in Hong Kong, which he did successfully.
Feedback, however, varied from skepticism to utter disgust, but you can’t hate them for their originality.