Netflix Showcases Powerful New Button

Netflix Showcases Powerful New Button

This past week, Netflix released what could be seen as the average homebody’s dream come true — a button that, with one single press, turns on your television, brings you to Netflix, dims the lights, silences your phone and then orders your favorite food. An amazing new gadget, right?

There is, however, one catch — if you want this device, you are going to have to build it yourself. The step-by-step instructions are available on Netflix warns the following about attempting to build the contraption: “You should be comfortable with a soldering iron and have a solid understanding of electronics and programming before embarking on your journey to one-switch watching.”

Will any of you attempt to build the new contraption? Or will you be sticking to conventional, practical methods when it comes to watching television and ordering food? Netflix is constantly on the look-out for new, bold suggestions, so if you feel as if you might have the next million-dollar idea, feel free to submit it here:


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