Russell Simmons Presents: A Dope New Agency

Russell Simmons Presents: A Dope New Agency

Many of us here at Bigfoot are hip-hop fans (Beyonce’s Lemonade is playing on loop as I write this), and we think this announcement last week in the marketing industry was very cool for that reason.

AdWeek reported last week that Russell Simmons is creating a new in-house agency called ADHD, under his web-platform and media company All Def Digital (ADD). The new agency will specialize in helping brands connect to young hip-hop fans, a rapidly growing group (encompassing many of us in this office).

ADD CEO Sanjay Sharma said, “we know that hip-hop is permeating American and global pop culture, through music, fashion and art, and language. We’re connecting brands through authentic, immersive content experiences and helping them reach this audience in a way that a lot of traditional media outlets don’t do.”

All Def Digital’s Logo, what will ADHD’s look like?


Personally, we agree and think the agency can do some really cool things. ADHD will be led by R/GA managing director Josh Mandel. So Josh, if the agency ever needs help with branded materials for clients, we’d love to get a call.