Small Businesses Rejoice: YouTube is Going to Help You With Your Ads

Small Businesses Rejoice: YouTube is Going to Help You With Your Ads

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When you return to the YouTube tab you most definitely have open right now you will almost assuredly be met with an ad before your next video binge. And most likely that ad will a familiar, large, well known brand such as Coke or Geico. Big companies are thriving in this time of video communication, they can spend time and money on refreshing creative because the Internet has made reaching an audience so much more cost effective than the days of broadcast.

To the same effect, shouldn’t this new landscape allow for small businesses to reach new customers more effectively and efficiently than ever before? This would be the case, except small businesses often have trouble producing quality ads and keeping them updated enough because of costs associated with creating quality videos.

Luckily YouTube is here to help support these businesses, with a new app to help small businesses quickly create quality video ads.  It’s called YouTube Director, it will have editing capabilities as well as music and helpful tips available, and it will be free to use. Additionally, YouTube is also connecting small businesses in select cities with local filmmakers to produce even better ads, for a fee of about $500.

YouTube, a platform where anyone can share something and possibly have the whole world see it, is now helping to equalize the playing field for its advertisement opportunities. We think that’s pretty great.


Here’s a small business ad created with YouTube Director: