StubHub Releases Humorous New Ad Campaign

StubHub Releases Humorous New Ad Campaign

It’s no secret that most people have guilty pleasures. In StubHub’s new ad campaigns, these guilty pleasures are exposed and celebrated in the form of “mini-me’s” — which are prone to appear at totally inappropriate times. The first ad features a die-hard sports fan who finds incredible tickets to a sports game through StubHub. His excitement simply cannot be contained; his mini-me is unleashed and is clad head to toe in body paint and a bright orange wig.

In the second ad, a woman is featured in a calm office setting — until she finds out through StubHub that her favorite country music artist has released a reunion tour. Her inner freak is released, as well as her inherent passion for country music made apparent through the use of cowboy boots and a pale pink cowboy hat. StubHub’s new ads are meant to bring awareness to their recent brand overhaul and logo changes while simultaneously encouraging the public to give in to their passions.

Do StubHub’s new ads make you want to embrace the “freak” inside of you? Or do they make you want to continue suppressing your seemingly “embarrassing” interests?


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