Twitter Changes “Favorites” to “Likes”

Twitter Changes “Favorites” to “Likes”

Did you hear the news?

For those of you who aren’t active Twitter users, a major change was made today: Twitter has officially replaced their infamous “favorite” button with a “like” button in the shape of a heart. Those who use other social media platforms will recognize the “like” as a signature Facebook feature and the “heart” button as a way to express appreciation on Instagram.

Representatives from Twitter claimed that the old “favorite” feature — which appeared in the form of a “star button” — was too confusing and thus needed to be changed.

Reactions from the Twitter community so far have been mixed; some people are delighted by the change while others complained about Twitter attempting to copy other social media outlets. This has been a common theme within the past few years: social media outlets are effectively stealing attributes from one another, possibly in an attempt to create unification and build bigger fan bases. Twitter’s product manager Akarshan Kumar stated the following about the “like” button change: “We’re delighted to bring them to Twitter and Vine, making them the common language for our global community.”

What do you think about Twitter’s recent change? Should social media outlets continue to copy one another, or should they just stick to what they already know?


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